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Digital Dental Radiography

Digital Dental X-Rays

In our effort to continuously improve the quality of care we provide, we now offer digital dental x-rays as a diagnostic option for our patients.  Dental x-rays are essential for fully evaluating the mouth for any disease processes that may be taking place under the gum line.  These disease processes can be very difficult to near impossible to detect without the aid of x-rays.  One study revealed that dental x-rays revealed clinically important disease in 27.8% of dogs and 41.7% of cats when no abnormal findings were noted on initial examination.  In patients with abnormal findings, x-rays revealed additional underlying disease in 50% of dogs and 53.9% of cats.  If your pet is in need of treatment for dental issues, or if its just time for a yearly dental cleaning, dental x-rays help us provide the very best care for your furry friend.