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Monthly Wellness Plans

Eastwood Animal Clinic now offers preventive wellness plans!  These plans are designed to allow you to provide the important preventive health care recommended for your pet with affordable monthly payments.  Each plan provides for the needs of your pet based on their life stage and scope of care:

  • Early (puppy/kitten) plans are for newly adopted pets who may still need a microchip, vaccine series and spay/neuter.  
  • Adult plans are for pets ages 1 to 7 years who are already spayed/neutered and have their initial vaccine series.  
  • Mature plans are for pets over 7 years of age who are already spayed/neutered and have their initial vaccine series.  
  • Basic plans incorporate the most important or "core" wellness services recommended (e.g. vaccines, heartworm prevention, etc).  
  • Comprehensive plans include additional recommended wellness services, such as health screen blood work and flea/tick preventives, to provide more global preventive care for your pet. 

​Benefits of wellness plans include:

  1. Ability to budget for health services for your pet, as the cost of a year of care is divided into 12 monthly payments
  2. Making good quality preventive health care for your pet affordable.  Plans include 6 physical exams per year at no cost and a 10% discount on plan services.  This adds up to significant savings.    
  3. Discount on pet insurance through VPI.  Our wellness plans provide for the routine, preventive health care of your pet.  In case of accident, injury, or illness, pet insurance can take care of the rest.  If you enroll your pet in one of our wellness plans, you can receive a discount on their insurance through VPI (  

Please call us at (915) 593-0173 with any questions or ask us about enrolling your pet at your next visit.  Enrollment takes just 10 minutes.  Below are links to more information about individual plans, including pricing and savings.  

Early Dog/Puppy Plans

Adult & Mature Dog Plans

Early Cat/Kitten Plans

Adult & Mature Cat Plans